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Young and Old Hands

Mother. Father. Wife. Husband. Friend.

These are the people we love who face the challenges
of growing older.

    It isn’t easy to watch a relative or friend begin to lose the things they value most in life: independence, health, a home, or those they love. It’s harder still to know what to do about it. Often, our aging relatives are in denial about the changes they face, trying to hold on to their independence and dignity. She may resist your help; he may anger at your inquiries.

   There are so many complications associated with change and loss. And, there are so many choices. How can you get to the “real” issues? What are the causes of change? What is normal and what is not? How can you get the right answers and coordinate what is going on? What are the best choices for help? And, how can you get him to accept it?

     That's where a geriatric care manager's assistance can make a difference! Care managers who work with older adults bring more to their practice than an expertise in geriatrics. They bring knowledge of aging issues that allows them to focus on the problems at hand.  They are more aware of real-life problems, health and otherwise, that emerge as people age and what tools are available to address them.

       That's who we are... that's what we do.

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